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Christians love, honor, and serve Jesus Christ. The Bible is our guide. Itís not Mary we worship, but her Son (who is also Godís unique Son). Rather than saints, angels, doctrinal systems, or even the Holy Spirit, we worship JESUS and His Father!
  See late news from Viewpoint missionary friends. Or some photos/news from Maxine Fream Phipps. Or the thrilling Tulsa Workshops site. Visit the web sites of good friends, Given O. Blakely (Word of Truth), and George Faull (Summit Theological Seminary), and RUBEL SHELLY and [Sermons you can hear at the web site of RICK ATCHLEY. . . . And Mike Huckabee - I LIKE MIKE". I wish he was our president! I like Herman Cain. I'm trying to like Newt Gingrich. He certainly talks well! And I recommend Dallas Burdette (an Alabama brother) --> and Ed Bousman now deceased,

and an excellent Christian on-line magazine -- HEARTLIGHT, edited by Phil Ware and Paul Lee (both alumni of Abilene Christian University). . . and Rubel Shellyís helpful thoughts. For pointers concerning our responsibilities as Christian citizens, attend to what is being said by Charles Colson and Terry Mattingly.

You can read remarks by Olan Hicks about "the law of silence" on this web site. The "law" of silence is an invention of men who suppose that God speaks best by what He chooses to NOT say. and -- You can read very interesting teachings about the book of Revelation in the Bible from Olan's nephew, Russ Hicks, with an accompanying study by  Evangelist Olan Hicks on the A.D.70 theory that all the prophecies about Christ's return to the earth were fulfilled when Jerusalem was destroyed in 70 A.D. Speaking about Jerusalem, for an interesting new idea about the "New Jerusalem," see this thought presented by evangelist Ralph Woodrow). Olan has studied and written considerable about the divorce and remarriage problem also, as has another brother, Al Maxey.

and Does God Exist? artwork
John Clayton ("Does God Exist?")teachs about Christian evidences in nature, and John recommends the similar work of Hill Roberts of Alabama.

A new e-mail list friend on 9/22/97 has recommended, and I've checked out, another excellent site. Designed, it says, for preachers, it's not just for preachers by any means. Click on Dave Redick to take your look. It's a site you'll want to visit often, I expect. Then please hurry back here. And for more studies and sermon seeds see the site of Bill Denton (Newton, Kansas Church of Christ).

And another good page (particularly regarding the Jehovah's Witness sect) is that of Larry Ingram. You might also like much you'd see at the Sword and Staff web site.

Does Paul advise that we should pray once in a while? Check out a prayer web site.

     It's my opinion that every Christian should be reading the weekly Christian news-magazine, WORLD. Editor Marvin Olasky says they now have a web site. You may want to check out The article on 10/11/97 "Exercise Due Diligence" warns against liberalism within "Christian" colleges. Their religion is Presbyterian rather than Christian-only.

Another site with news of interest to Christians is at

Check out Living Waters artworkDan L Huff & C A Fry (Living Waters & more links), and a site devoted entirely to the writings and life of Carl Ketcherside, and now there's a web site for the North American Christian Convention.

and Brian Carrozza (West Chester PA Christian Church and links),

and John Clark, who would like you to know about a book he has published.... And another by Wiley Davis.

Keith Brumley recommends our viewing Thomas Campbell's Declaration & Address on the site about the Stone-Campbell Movement (For Unity Through Restoration) of Hans Rollman. And Jim McMillan has a "Stone-Campbell" web site with many interesting studies and historical facts about the unity movement whose early leaders included Barton W. Stone and Alexander Campbell. You might find of interest the Restoration Quarterly web site.

Speaking of Christian unity, all MISSION MESSENGER issues have been placed on the internet for interested readers. By Natalie Murrie and Bob Lewis, we note. The Christian Chronicle is on line with news of various Church of Christ groups, both anti-instrumental and non-instrumental. For some reason these folks think God hates being praised by voices accompanied by musical instruments. That's wrong, of course.

For interesting books on Christian
themes, click College Press.

Go to the home page of World Convention of Churches of Christ by clicking here. Or click to visit the web site of Good News Productions, International (Joplin, MO).

There's good things at Gospel Communications Network (GCN)
including the Bible online. Consider news of persecuted Christians
at the Voice of Martyrs home page.

For information on married bliss, visit the home page of All About FAMILIES Newsletter (Norman and Ann Bales) by clicking here, or contact the Bales family by e-mail at NOTE -- The 10/20/97 report includes three testimonials by people who have been touched by Promise Keepers in one way or another.

A brother, Tom Smith, thinks we should be concerned and aware of what he thinks is a serious attack on true Christianity. Click to go to his page explaining his thought about "holy" laughter and similar matters.
Then hurry back, please. And a brother in Australia publishes Fair Dinkum which he'd like you to know of.

Herald of Truth artwork
A rich source of good devotional and evangelistic reading is found at the Herald of Truth home page.

An interesting writer is Bill Pile, in urban ministry in Los Angeles. I disagree with Bill when he says we're saved by grace alone -- that's NOT the same as grace as opposed to law.

For many years Integrity has been a publication which offered a voice to thoughtful writers whose views were not the same as many magazines wanted to publish. It sometimes has very good studies. A sample article by Ed Washington is available here.

Standard Publishing, 8121 Hamilton Avenue, Cincinnati OH 45231 publishes several Christian journals as well as teaching materials of all kinds. I recommend your getting acquainted with the work of this publishing house!
An interesting devotional monthly is the CHRISTIAN APPEAL. Click to visit their web site.

Fred Ragland wants you to know of the work of the Christian Military Fellowship. CMF is a ministry of the independent Christian Churches and Churches of Christ and is an authorized ministry of Foothill Blvd. Church of Christ, Oroville, CA. The purpose of the CMF is to help military members of our churches find New Testament Christian Fellowship wherever they may be stationed around the world. To accomplish this, we have working relationships with more than 180 churches located near military bases, all 32 CC/CofC military chaplains, and more than 30 of our overseas missionaries who offer fellowship to military people. (As of October 1998).

A Christian site created by Fred Peatross invites your inspection. In addition to good Bible studies and devotional thoughts by Fred are other good things including a picture and articles by Reuel Lemmons of happy memory.

Think about studying about God and morality at BARNEYFIFE.COM Barney Fife fans (of the old Andy Griffith TV show) are returning to Mayberry each week for a unique and popular Bible study! The Twickenham Church of Christ of Huntsville, Alabama, presents a weekly Bible study class based on specific episodes of the popular TV show. Basic moral values and Christian principles illustrated in the show provide a starting point for serious Bible study on honesty, truthfulness, prejudice, integrity, character and more. Visit the Web site for complete Bible lesson plans. BF also includes Barneyisms, images, favorite scenes and classic quotes from the TV show. BarneyFife.Com:

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