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News of Some of Our
Missionary Friends
I recommend
GOSPEL BROADCASTING MISSION and MISSION SERVICES and others. You can find recent news from overseas missionaries Reggie Thomas and his White Fields Evangelism.

and Wallace H. Little (Philippines).

On 12/30/11 I'm adding a link to a study about the reality of Adam and Eve. It's the third chapter in a book published this year of 2011. It's first paragraph reads: Evangelical Christians have generally resisted the demythologization of the events of the Gospels, whereby, for example, the resurrection of Jesus is interpreted as a mythical portrayal of the principle of new life. Indeed, they have argued strongly that it is the very historicity of the resurrection event that is so vital. However, when it comes to the biblical figures of Adam and Eve, there has been a far greater willingness to interpret them as mythical or symbolic. The simple aim of this chapter is to show, in sketch, that, far from being a peripheral matter for fussy literalists, it is biblically and theologically necessary for Christians to believe in Adam as first, a historical person who second, fathered the entire human race. Visit the site of Joseph Shulam (Jerusalem). OR of Jim & Peggy Hosken (Mexico), OR of Good News Productions, International. With friends at Tulsa ISWW 2002

Ray with friends
at Tulsa ISWW 2002

Eddy Bazin (Haiti)

and Bill/Karleen Crandall (Ecuador),

and Henrietta Luttrell (Hawaii),

and Andrea Gentile, (Italy),
and a new combined work to reach those who speak mainly the Spanish language,
(in El Paso, TX),

and Max Goins (Moscow, Russia),

and Johnstons.

In the U.S., Olan Hicks (evangelism and Divorce/Remarriage Consultations).

Ray with
Nelta Brock in
Tulsa 3/23/02
Ray with Nelta Brock in Tulsa 3/23/02

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