Jesus calls us to join Him in HIS church.
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VIEWPOINT TRACTS on trifold 11 x 8.5-inch paper
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Tracts are good learning and teaching tools.


Viewpoint small tracts are on trifold 8.5 x 5.5-inch paper
Please be SURE to examine the Proper Bible Interpretation series!
Given O. Blakely sends out daily e-mail Bible study notes which often adapt well for brief "tracts."

Tract names here all begin with "Jesus ... "
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Tract names here all begin with "Jesus ... " Larger ones are shown as "B"xx. You can go BACK.







Steven Clark Goad is one of the fine writers of our day!
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Studies here are on 1) a theory that nothing is permitted "in church" without "authority" from God which is thought to allow it, and 2) a theory that Jesus came back to earth in A.D. 70 and at that point fulfilled all the end-time prophecies, and 3) A Closer Look at Divorce in the light of God's love and God's Word.




Bobby Key lives in Miami, Oklahoma and preaches for Church of Christ congregations in the midwest.



The Lookout is a publication of Standard Publishing of Cincinnati, Ohio.







Bill Pile ministered worldwide and helped lead a congregation in a section of Los Angeles, California.
We DO have choices. Jesus urges that we choose wisely!

Tract titles here are all preceded by
"Jesus Calls Us to ..."



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